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This week I'm celebrating 1 year since I launched my brand new website! I'm pretty excited about that and wanted to include you in on the gifts.

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How to Choose the Perfect Paint Color

So who out there struggles with how to choose the perfect paint color? This is a question I get asked a lot!  I'll admit I used to struggle as well....yep had a few walls in my past that I had to repaint. It can be such a pain when you scour through paint samples, think you've found the perfect color, buy the paint, roll on that first pass, and get that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach that this NOT the right color.......arrgh! I've been there, I understand your pain.

So this week I wanted to share with you some of my tips for choosing the perfect paint color. I've also featured some homes from the HGTV show Fixer Upper and the paint colors from the Magnolia Home Paint Collection. The paint colors are absolutely fabulous! Enjoy!

How to Choose the Perfect Paint Color
I would like to paint the way a bird sings
— Claude Monet

How to Choose the Perfect Paint Color

-Try to match a color that's already present in your room such as a pillow, blanket, or home décor item. If you don't want to match a color exactly, try to coordinate your new paint color with the existing colors in your space. Your goal is to have everything blend together.

-When selecting a color pay close attention to any underlying tones that may come out. Look at the full range of the sample stick to see if this is the right color family your looking for. For example: Some reds can have to much orange, or too much pink. A purple can have too much blue or to much pink. Just something to think about when looking at paint samples.

-If there are two colors you can't decide on, go for the lighter one. Generally paint seems to look darker on the wall than on the paint swatch.

-If you want a space to feel bigger use whites, pastels, or neutral colors. If you want a space to feel smaller use darker colors. Generally white or light colors look best on ceilings and painted trim.

-For an accent wall I like to select a darker color that's on the same paint stick as your main color. This will help your colors blend nicely and there wont be any underlying tones that will fight against each other.

-When you've narrowed down your paint colors to a few choices, place the paint chips on different walls in the room you'll be painting to test how it looks in different light, whether artificial or natural light.

-An even better option is to buy a pint of a few of your favorites and paint test squares on your walls, or on a large pieces of thick paper. PLEASE wait until the paint has dried to make your final decision, as paint changes color as it dries.

-When you've done all these steps be patient and wait a few days to test the light during different times of day. If the room is empty feel free to bring in a few décor items and sit next to the wall color. This can really help the color come alive and help you get a good sense of how the room might look when completed.

-If your still not sure which color is best email me: I would love to help :)


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Get the Look: Fixer Upper & Magnolia Home

Since I'm featuring The Magnolia Home Paint Collection this week I decided to show some of my favorite rooms from a recent episode of Fixer Upper.  In these photos you can see how the walls are light and neutral, but Joanna has brought in color through the kitchen island, hood, and the bedroom furniture. A perfect example of how you can bring those accent colors into your space without it feeling heavy and overwhelming.

 Photo via Fixer Upper

Photo via Fixer Upper

 Photo via Fixer Upper

Photo via Fixer Upper


Top 10: Magnolia Home Paint Colors

This week for my Top Ten I'm featuring the favorite paint colors of one of our favorite designer's Joanna Gaines from the HGTV show "Fixer Upper." There are actually 150 paint colors in the Magnolia Home Collection, but these are Joanna's top 25. I love how these colors feel so classy, simple,  and very authentic. Nothing to crazy or out of control, but real colors that most of us would actually put in our homes. We all know how the Farmhouse Style is key to the Fixer Upper brand, but these colors would like good in any home no matter what the style may be. To view the full color palette click here ---> Magnolia Home Paint

Magnolia Home Paint Colors



Well, I hope I've given you a few ideas on how to choose your perfect paint color. Maybe helped you feel a little more confident on your color choice so you don't get that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach again ;)

I would LOVE to help you with your design problems whether big or small! I offer E-designs (online Interior Design) so I can help you wherever you may live. Visit my Services tab for my prices and services. I can't wait to hear from you :)

See you next week.



How to Decorate for Winter After Christmas

So you've got the Christmas Decorations put away, your home is feeling clean and refreshed....... but how do you decorate it? It's not quite time to pull out the daisys and sunflowers yet so what do you do?

Well I'm here to help you out with just this problem :)

This week I've got several tips to help you decorate for winter.......after Christmas. I've also got my 'Top 10 Winter Décor' items for the week. Enjoy!

How to Decorate for Winter After Christmas
Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.
— Edith Sitwell

How to Decorate for Winter After Christmas

-Get rid of the red and the ornaments. Use neutral soft colors such as white, cream, tan, blue, yellow, silver.

-Use natural elements like wood and spruce accents. Small alpine trees and wood bowels are awesome. Pinecones work great for bowl or tray fillers.

-Rustic ribbons and lace work great for accents in the space.

-Cozy warm blankets and sweater pillows: These create a feeling of warmth and coziness. Don't forget to add these to the bedroom décor as well!

-Snowman & snowflakes are fun little accents to use. Make sure they are in blue, gray, and white tones. We don't want there to be a Christmas vibe by using the red and green :)

-Candles are so fun to use to set that cozy mood. I recommend battery operated candles that have a timer... they are a huge time saver!

-Speaking of lights, try changing out your table lamps to something that is a little shiny or iridescent. They catch the light and add a little sparkle.

-Lighted metal signs are a great way to add some fun on mantles or open shelves and blend in great with the Winter theme.

-Table décor, mantle décor, and wreaths should all follow the guidelines above to create a fun winter feel and avoid the Christmas vibe.


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Get the Look: Table Lamps

When you think of Winter décor you don't usually think about your table lamps. But lamps are something that can be switched out so easily to add to the décor of your space. When decorating for Winter it is so fun to add a little sparkle and sheen, something that catches the light. This mimics the sparkle that is created on the snow when light shines across the ice crystals. Here's a beautiful picture of some Mother of Pearl lamps from, link posted below in the Top 10 List.

 Safavieh Eleanor Mother of Pearl Lamps via

Safavieh Eleanor Mother of Pearl Lamps via

Top 10: Winter Décor Items

To help you create your perfect Winter space I've got some of my favorite décor items. Generally Winter can be long and cold so why not create a warm inviting space that you'll enjoy cozying up in, and maybe help those Winter months not seem so long ;) Affiliate links are posted below, just click for more info on the product.

Winter Decor

1. Winter Wreath

2. Birch Tree Candleholders

3. Table Lamp

4. Snowflake Table Runner

5. Sweater Pillow

6. Oblong Throw Pillow

7. Pine Garland

8. Wood Sign

9. Alpine Tree

10. Blanket Throw


Winters can be long, but hopefully these ideas will inspire you and your home décor. The way time flies we'll be getting out those Summer flowers before we know it :)

I offer Interior Design Services both online and locally. If you have a space you need some help with please Contact Me. I would love to help you!

See you next week!


7 Ways to Organize Your Home

Happy New Year!

As much as I love decorating for the holidays, there's something fun and refreshing about getting it all put away and starting out with a clean slate. As I type this I'm sitting here stariring at my empty shelves brainstorming about how I can create a fun new look.

I've also been in the mood to declutter and get organized as well. I bet that on a lot of your New Years Resolution lists as well ;) So this week I've created 7 ways to help your organize your home. There's no better time than now to start your year of right and get organized.... right?!

I've also got a list of my "Top Ten" favorite products to help you get organized as well. Enjoy!

Blog Pic 8.5 x 11 OrgANIZE hOME JPG.jpg
Being organized isn’t about getting rid of everything you own or trying to become a different person; it’s about living the way you want to live, but better.
— Andrew Mellon

7 Ways To Organize Your Home

1. Ottomans with a storage compartment or a storage bench are a great way to keep your home looking cute and stylish and provides an awesome place to store toys, magazines, or whatever else seems to collect in your rooms.

2. Decorative storage baskets are a fun way to store items and can be tucked away in closets, corners, or storage shelves. they come in so many colors, patterns, and various rectangular sizes.

3. Cupboard organizers such as divided trays are great for keeping your papers separated instead of just stacking them on top of each other on a shelf.  It helps me keep piles separated for each of my kids.

4. Desk spaces sometimes seem to be a catch all for all the mail and school papers. I love using the multi-level letter holders, as well as little pencil organizers with small compartments for erasers, paper clips etc. Magazine file boxes are an easy way to keep papers and magazines accessible, but organized.

5. Drawer dividers are great for keeping your pencils and pads of paper separated, so you can actually find what your looking for.

6. Message centers are a lifesaver for keeping me and my family organized. There are many different areas you places them and ways to use them. Meal planners in the kitchen, calendar with family schedules, a place for keys, mail, important notes. You can place these in your kitchen, office, or by your back door all in easy to reach areas.

7.  The last item I love is bookshelves or bookcase units that have rectangular openings. These are so fun for mixing and matching storage baskets. Just fill up your storage basket and slide it into the shelf. Pretty basket, pretty shelf, and the toys are hidden away....Perfect!

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Get the Look: Storage Bench

The storage bench is an awesome way to get more storage space into your home. It creates a fun little vignette that is both usable and functional. The picture below features one of my favorite benches from Birch Lane; the Edwards 4 Drawer Storage Bench. I absolutely love all the fun décor they have added around the space to really make it look amazing!

 Edwards Storage Bench via

Edwards Storage Bench via

Top 10: Home Organization Items

Getting organized doesn't have to be boring or ugly! Make it fun with some items that will really change up your space and serve a great purpose as well! Here's a few of my favorite items for this weeks Top 10. Enjoy! Affiliate Links are posted below.

Home Organization

1. Wicker Basket Set

2. Numbered Wall Hooks

3. Industrial Mail Sorter

4. Storage Bench

5. Clear Glass Jar

6. Rectangle Storage Ottoman

7. Metal Memo Board

8. Storage Bookshelf

9. Desk Organizer

10. Storage Basket Set


I hope this week I've given you some fun ideas to get you organized and your year off to a great start. I truly wish you a fantastic year!

Feel free to share or pin this info for later use!

I'm always accepting new Interior Design clients. If there is a space you would like my help with please Contact Me. I look forward to hearing from you!

See you next week! :)

The 9 Best Areas to Decorate for the Holidays

As the holidays are fast approaching are you getting a little ansy? You want to decorate your home, get it all festive for the upcoming seasons, but your a little unsure as to what the best way to do that is. You see so many fun holiday decorations, but you get a little overwhelmed on how to put it all together....... you don't want your home to look like a holiday bomb exploded, right!

Funny story.....When my husband and I were first married I don't think he realized how much I decorated for the holidays... especially for Christmas! Our first Christmas season together he came home (I'd put the decorations up during the day) and he told me it looked like Christmas bomb had gone off! We lived in a very small space, so I took that as a compliment :)

So this week I wanted to help give you a little guidance and direction on some of the key areas to decorate and some tips to make it look good!

9 Ways to Decorate For the Holidays.jpg
I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers
— Anne of Green Gables

The 9 Best Areas to Decorate for the Holidays

1. The Front Porch: This is the ideal spot to make huge holiday statement to your guests, both those who drive by those who come in. Mix some cornstalks, pumpkins, and a cute bench with some fall inspired pillows and you are set. And Don't forget the wreath on the front door!

2. The Entry or Foyer Table: This is the next best area to make a fun Fall Décor impression, bonus you get to look at it everyday as well! Add some shiny candlesticks with some fall colored candles, a fun burlap banner, and some cute little pumpkins.

3. Fireplace Mantle & Hearth: This a key area to add a fall feeling to your home. You can either add a few fun pieces to your already existing mantle décor, or start with a clean slate and totally deck it out!

4. Open Shelving: Most of us have an entertainment center or bookcase that is the focal point of our Living Room, and most of them have open shelving. What a fun place to add a little Fall flair to your space. I suggest adding some fun pieces to your existing shelves, and clearing out a few shelves and starting from scratch.

5. Dining Table &/or Breakfast Nook: These spaces don't require a ton, just something simple that makes an impression. I love to use pinecones, leaves, candles all placed in a beautiful tray. A fall table runner will also be a great addition.

6. Pantry Door: Just a simple wreath on this sometimes forgotten door is so important to bringing that Fall feeling into your Kitchen. Its the room most of us spend a lot of our time in so you might as well add some Décor here too!

7. Kitchen Countertop or Island: Most of us have a few empty areas here where adding some Fall Décor would be awesome! So when your sitting there in your Kitchen making pies or sugar cookies, lets bring that season inside.

8. Stairway: Banners and railings are fun spots to add some Fall touches. Personally I have a large window with a wide windowsill in my Entry that I love to create some fun arrangements.

9. Coffee Table: Thisis another area that is often overlooked as a place to add those Fall touches to. You can keep it simple, similar to the Dining Table, just enough to make a statement.

Get the Look: Fall Wreath

The "Iconic" Wreath on the front door is a key part to any Holiday Décor. I love wreaths so much that I also love to put them on my pantry door, in my stairway, on large windows, or even above my fireplace mantle. Wreaths come in all sizes and range from minimalistic styles to very "stuffed" :) Here's a few of my favorite Fall wreaths they are all from and the affiliate links are posted below.

Fall Wreath

Top 10: Fall Décor Items

The best thing about fall decorations is that you can leave them up through the Halloween and Thanksgiving Holidays. Definitely a great way to save money! These décor items are some of my favorites. They give a little rustic farmhouse flair which I know a lot of people are loving right now! These products are all from and the affiliate links are posted below. Enjoy!

Top 10 Fall Decor Items

Top 10: Fall Décor Items

1. Fall Berry Wreath w/Foliage                   

2. 3 Piece Candlestick Set                       

3. Harvest Textual Art on Wrapped Canvas                       

4. Harvest Pumpkin Figurine                       

5. Cap Ferrat Banded Table Runner                       

6. Happy Harvest Wreath Throw Pillow                       

7. 2 Piece Pumpkin Table Decor Set                       

8. Cattail and Dried Lotus Root Autumn Fields Artificial Thanksgiving Garland                       

9. Courtyard Black/Bone Indoor/Outdoor Rug                       

10. Autumn Sunset Bunch Hanger                       


This week I hope I've given you some great ideas on where to decorate for the holidays. There are so many happenings and get togethers' during the holiday season that sometimes it can be hard to really focus on the decorations and setting the mood in your home. I remember how excited I was when my mom would put out the decorations, so I've tried to do the same thing so my kids have those same memories. So good luck on letting that "decoration" bomb explode! :)

Feel free to share or pin this info for later use!

My job as an Interior Designer is to create amazing rooms for your home. Please Contact Me or email me at and I would love to help you create your "Dream" space! You can also visit my Services tab to see what is included in my Design Services. See you next week!! :)

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