8 Ways to Save Money on Furniture

Alright guys, so have any of you been pricing furniture lately.... its a good little chunk of change isn't it?! And when we do invest in some nice furniture pieces like a sofa, recliner, or dining table how many of you want them to last a long time? I'm pretty sure that's most of you!  However, sometimes they don't always last as long as we'd like them to, or perhaps our kids decide to use them as a trampoline or notepad.  Styles of furniture also change pretty fast, which tends to leave our once perfect home feeling a little dated.

Well this week I've got 8 Ways to help you Save Money on Furniture. Whether your in the market for new furniture or trying to extend the life of your existing pieces I've got some tips that will help everyone out.

Photo Credit: Sophia Baboolal

Photo Credit: Sophia Baboolal

Life can be beautiful. It doesn’t have to be expensive.
— Christine Louise Hohlbaum

8 Ways to Save Money on Furniture

1. When selecting large furniture items such as a sofa, recliner, or dining table go for neutral colors. Neutral colors are generally cheaper because the manufacturer can sell more of them. As colors and styles change its also easier just to switch out some accent pillows or a throw blanket to meet the current design trends.

2. Shop online. This allows you to compare prices between retailers, read product reviews, and become informed on all the options/upgrades that are available. Most places also offer free shipping on big ticket items.

3. When your local furniture store advertises a "BIG SALE" I suggest going to the store a week before the sale to check prices. Usually the so called sale price is more than the normal price because of how they mark up their items. So just be cautious of "SALE" prices.

4. I would recommend checking out Clearance Items, or Dented Items in a furniture store because they are priced to move. You can also get a great deal on their floor models.

5. Did you know that if you are nice to a salesperson you could get a discount?! As a former salesperson, I can confirm that this is true :) I knew what the markup was, and how low I could discount the item and still make the store profit!

6. Thrift Stores, Flea Markets, Garage Sales. Estate Sales are all great places to get some great finds for a fraction of the cost. There are also Warehouse deals online, such as Amazon Warehouse Deals, where they have  items that have been returned but are still in  great condition.

7. There's also good old paint or spray paint that can transform almost anything into something bright and fun again. There is paint available for every possible surface, from countertops to floors!

8. Sometimes the option of building a furniture piece can be less expensive than purchasing one already made. This is where the internet and Pinterest come into play with so many "How To & DIY" Tutorials out there. I'm pretty sure you could find instructions on how to make anything!

Get the Look: Living Room Sofas

One item every home needs to have is a nice comfy place to sit and relax; whether your chatting about the days events or watching a favorite show on TV. Here are three of my favorite sofas right now, all in a neutral color palette, and in three different price ranges to fit every budget. This week I've teamed up with Wayfair.com and have the links posted below for more info about each product.

Low: http://bit.ly/29yscF6

Medium: http://bit.ly/29y24LJ

High: http://bit.ly/29qKNWd

Top 10: Base Furniture Pieces.

Here are some of my 'Faves' for the Top 10 Base Furniture Pieces for the week. I wanted to give you some ideas of furniture items that are a great price, have a great shape and style (which will help it stay in fashion for awhile), and have some great neutral tones to match almost anything. These pieces are also all from Wayfair.com, click the links below for more product info.

Base Furniture Pieces.jpg

1. TV Stand: http://bit.ly/29GjmXV

2. Arm Chair: http://bit.ly/29ujlSI

3. Coffee Table: http://bit.ly/29x8bNO

4. Bookcase: http://bit.ly/29ytdwU

5. Round Dining Table: http://bit.ly/29rYtgf

6. Bar Stool: http://bit.ly/29y38za

7. Console Table: http://bit.ly/29Ot2kd

8. End Table: http://bit.ly/29AytCo

9. Chaise Lounge: http://bit.ly/29OtxLb

10. Rectangle Dining Table: http://bit.ly/29x9tZr



I hope this week I've given you some great tips to help you save money on your furniture purchases. Buying furniture can be sooo stressful and time consuming, right?! So I hope you are able to apply some of my tips and help the process go a little smoother and bonus...... save money while your doing it! Feel free to share or pin this info for later :)

If you would like Interior Design help Contact Me or email me at Jessica@jessicaharrisinteriors.com and I would love to help you create your "Dream" space! You can also visit my Services tab to see what is included in my Design Services. See you next week!! :)

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10 Ways to Bring the Summer Indoors

So let me ask you all a question.... Who loves the summertime? Relaxing outdoors on your patio or porch, swinging on your bench swing, watching the sunset with your significant other. Sounds perfect right? But realistically most of us can't spend as much time as we would like to outside..... bummer right?! So to help ease your pain a little bit I've created the "10 Ways to Bring Summer Indoors" Last week on the blog we talked about "Updating Your Outdoor Space" and this week we'll focus on the Indoors.

Photo Credit: Birchlane.com

Photo Credit: Birchlane.com

Indoor Summer Updates

Here's some quick and simple ideas that will add a little Summer glam to your indoor living space:

--Paint & Wallpaper: Paint little pops of color on an accent wall or on the backs of shelving cabinets. Wallpaper is also coming back in a big way with amazing patterns and MUCH easier to remove!

--Bright, Beachy, & Thin Fabrics: Choose pillows and rugs that have bright colors, with a beach feel. Throws & blankets should be thinner. Draperies should be light, thin, and translucent. This will visually bring a breezy feeling into the room.

--Lamps: Here you have 3 options. You can either use something is bright and fun possibly with a fun summery pattern, you can use translucent colored glass in blues and greens, or something that has a beachy wood feel.

--Flowers & Plants: Fresh Flowers in a glass vase or jar are PERFECT for summertime! Succulents are also very popular and don't require a lot of water for maintenance (sounds perfect for my lack of green thumb). Potted plants, trees, and flowers, either real or faux are great for bringing the outdoors inside also.

--Pots: Speaking of plants make sure those pots are fun and bright!

--Décor Accents: For centerpieces or vases use fruits and veggies, either real or faux. I'm a huge fan of lemons and limes. Nothing more summery than those!

--Kitchen Accessories: Make that cooking a little more fun with a bright terracotta pot to hold your cooking utensils. Switch out your dishtowels for something with a summer vibe.  Mix and match your plates with fun summer designs.

--Window Flower Boxes: Even though these are outside you will have a great view from the inside as your cooking your amazing meal.

--Color Palette: As your selecting your fun summer accents try to stick with 3 basic colors to create your summer color palette. You can use various shades of these three basic colors. Check out my Pinterest Board for some inspiration.

--Beach Accents: For accent pieces on shelves, tables, or mantles use pieces that have a coastal/beach/nautical theme. You can also switch out your gallery walls with frames or wall accents that have that coastal feel. You'll feel like your not far from that pier on the coast!


Get the Look: Summer Table Lamps

I talked a little about table lamps above and how I love the translucent blue colored glass. These are just perfect for bringing the summer indoors. I think that blue color immediately makes me think I'm right next to the ocean..... smell that salty ocean air?  Here's three different price options for you, one for every budget. These are from one of my favorite stores... Target! The affiliate links are below for you to get more info about each light before you make a purchase.

Get the Look - Summer Table Lamps.jpg

Low:  Artisan Glass Table Lamp http://bit.ly/28ZlnMW

Med: Cal Lighting Christi Glass Table Lamp http://bit.ly/28Zo7uD

High: Uttermost Hagano Glass Table Lamp http://bit.ly/28ZagSZ

Top 10: Bring Summer Indoors

This week for my Top 10 Bringing Summer Indoors I incorporated a beach inspired color scheme. I absolutely love the coastal look, with the blues, nautical elements, and weathered wood. Nothing says summer more to me than that! These items will allow you to feel like the beach is right outside the door as the wind billows through the curtains. These are also all items I found from Target...love them. There are affiliate links below with more info on pricing and sizes.

1.  Ceramic Cork Neck Vase:  http://bit.ly/28ZmLzb

2.  Akela Melamine Salad Plate:  http://bit.ly/291C3p5

3.  Yellow Windham Cabinet:  http://bit.ly/295UAjz

4.  Decorative Numbered Hooks:  http://bit.ly/28Zqeyg

5.  Global Stripe Pillow:  http://bit.ly/28YxqfY

6.  Crinkle Sheer Curtain Panel:  http://bit.ly/292Xnd4

7.  Acacia Wood Coaster:  http://bit.ly/292XLs3

8.  Stripe Throw Blanket:  http://bit.ly/29hJENC

9.  Starburst Reclaimed Mirror:  http://bit.ly/291Ezvm

10.  Coastal Coral Rug:   http://bit.ly/295Xh4F


I hope these tips for bringing summer indoors have left you inspired to add something wonderful to your own spaces. And I truly hope you each get to enjoy as much time outside as possible. If you have any questions please contact me at Jessica@jessicaharrisinteriors.com. Or if you would like to schedule a design consultation, either in home or online check out my services page here. As always feel free to share this post on your social pages to save for future reference. Thanks Everyone!

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Updating Your Outdoor Space

Summer has finally hit us... like opening the door to a hot oven! It seems like it stays cold forever, and then out of nowhere BAM, 90 degrees. So with this heat wave I'm sure your spending more time outdoors, with kids, or just relaxing in the lawn chair sipping a glass of ice cold Strawberry Lemonade!

Since we are spending more time outside this time of year, I'm sure you've noticed a few things you'd like to replace or update to your outdoor living space. So I've put together a few suggestions to help you create your summer style!

Photo by zhudifeng/iStock / Getty Images

Easy Updates

Here's some suggestions of outdoor items that are simple and easy to update:

--Pillows: Inexpensive and updated to a new color scheme each year.

--Area rugs & Welcome Mats: A simple addition that will add some fun and flair to your cement or wood decking.

--Lanterns: Either on the table or on the ground, this is a great way to bring color and stability into your space.

--Pots & Planters: There are so many color options, shapes, and sizes. You can also use spray paint to reuse  your current pots.

--Furniture: Your base pieces such as a sofa, chair, bench, or swing, need to be neutral tones, because these are usually more expensive pieces and you don't want to have to replace these very often.  Side tables, ottomans, or chairs are a little easier to update and can always be painted or sprayed.

--Outdoor plants and flowers help set the mood for your space so I always suggest some bright colors :)

--Color Schemes:  For some fun color schemes check out my Pinterest Board for some inspiration. Right now the trend seems to be blues, reds, greens and golds.

--Motifs: Lemons, Watermelons, Pineapples are very trendy right now and can be found on almost everything from pillows, plates, and wreaths.

--Plastic Melamine Tableware: Is a fun and durable option to add some spics to your daily meals or weekend BBQ's

--Storage: Ottomans or Benches are a great way to hide away and store childrens toys, or pool supplies.


Get the Look: Adirondack Chairs

I believe that the Adirondack Chair is a staple to creating the perfect outdoor style. They come in many colors and price ranges. Here's a little roundup of my favorite in blue. These chairs are all from Wayfair. Affiliate Links are located below the picture.

Low: Westport Adirondack Chair - http://bit.ly/22I3AOi

Med: Classic Adirondack Chair - http://bit.ly/1t0l5wN

High: Folding Adirondack Chair - http://bit.ly/1TQY3iX

Top 10: Summer Style Outdoor Essentials

I absolutely love finding my favorite pieces each week to help inspire you.  Here's my roundup for the week with the affiliate links posted below the picture.

1. Nolita Drops Throw Pillow - Wayfair -  http://bit.ly/22HZshc

2. Classic LED Lantern, Hot Coral - One Kings Lane -  http://bit.ly/1XvJOXl

3. Lemon Wreath - Wayfair -  http://bit.ly/1X6egXb

4. Round Planter & Stand - Wayfair -  http://bit.ly/1r9imjv

5. Verbena Bistro Set - One Kings Lane - http://bit.ly/1PdOc4C

6. Eastern Garden Stool - One Kings Lane - http://bit.ly/1X6dMAe

7. Lemon melamine Salad Plate - One Kings Lane - http://bit.ly/1UCp7oe

8. Isidora Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug - Wayfair -  http://bit.ly/1RUZJWe

9. Pineapple Pillow - Wayfair - http://bit.ly/1PdP6hA

10. Orleans Rocker, Aruba - One Kings Lane - http://bit.ly/1XvK1d2  


I hope you've enjoyed these tips for updating your Outdoor Living spaces. If you have any questions let me know: Jessica@jessicaharrisinteriors.com . I also offer Interior Design Services both online or in-home. Check out my Services here and lets get going on designing your space. As always feel free to share this post on your social networks, so you can refer to it later. Have a Great Day My Friends!

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The Lighting Guide: How to Design a Space that "Glows"

So how many of you have ever thought, "hey I'd like to update that light above the table", or "I'd love to replace those dated vanity lights in the Master Bath."  So you either do one of two things, or both:

1. Jump online and start searching for a cool looking chandelier, slowly becoming overwhelmed with the thousands of options, price ranges, and oh the size.... how do I know what size I need?

2. You decide you need to see some lights in person, that will totally help you figure out the size you need. So you hop in your car drive to town headed for the local light shop. You love all the pretty lights shining through the windows, but as soon as you walk in you get that same overwhelmed feeling as all those styles and sizes start to make your head hurt.

You decide that there's a lot more to lighting than you thought, and decide to be safe you'll just keep the light you already have hanging at home. You've had it this long, so whats another couple years, Right!?

Images via lizmarieblog & HGTV

My idea of comfort is a good lamp to read by.”
— Lucien Rees Roberts

The Basics:

So before you get your mind in the "too many options" cloud, let me give you a few basics to get you headed in the right direction. Did you know there are 3 basic types of lighting?  The 'General Rule' is that a well designed space will include all 3. They are:

1. General or Ambient Lighting: This is the main source of lighting in a room. It is accomplished with ceiling or wall mounted lights such as flush mounts, can lighting, or wall sconces.

2. Task Lighting: Provides lighting for a specific task, usually table lamps for reading or pendant lights over a bar for eating.

3. Accent Lighting: Provides light to a specific object such as a sculpture on a shelf, a mural on a wall, or a plant on a bookcase. Provides drama to a room by creating visual interest.

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The price range of a light fixture is huge!! It varies from $10 to $1000's. My best advice is to figure out your budget, then that will narrow your selection. If you find a light you love that's out of your budget, keep looking and I can guarantee you will find one very similar in your price range. Lighting Designers create similar lights in all price ranges, to keep them competitive.

Here's an example below of basically the same light in 3 price ranges (affiliate links included in this post):

Low: Haven 6LT from Wayfair http://bit.ly/1NIvPcO
Med: Carrie Chandelier from Joss & Main http://bit.ly/22mWfDH
High: Hexagon Chandelier from One Kings Lane http://bit.ly/1XPy5RR


There are sooooooo many lights to choose from. How do you pick a style? What's popular? What finish should I choose? These are all questions I know are running through your head, right!? To help you out a bit I recently created a list of my Top 10 Favorite Lights right now. I think there's a little something for everyone!

***All of these items are from Wayfair.com (affiliate links are included)***

1. Birch Lane Charlton Pendant: http://bit.ly/1U6EwdB

2. Thomasville Equinox 4LT Foyer Pendant: http://bit.ly/1UdAZKn

3. Helene 1 LT Drum Pendant: http://bit.ly/1qWi8Mk

4. Break Water Bay 1 LT Pendant: http://bit.ly/1UnHgpB

5. Lexington 3 Piece Mason Jar Pendant Set: http://bit.ly/1Wts7GR

6. Jackson 4 LT Foyer Pendant: Discontinued, use this for inspiration.

7. 1 LT Foyer Pendant by A&B Home Group: http://bit.ly/27YzVo5

8. Penn 1 LT Globe Pendant: http://bit.ly/1XZeE9c

9. Hi-Bay 1 LT Pendant: http://bit.ly/25sBZST

10. 3 LT Drum Pendant by Harrison Lane: http://bit.ly/1TH45Co


So I hope this guide has helped you feel a bit more confident the next time you plan a trip to your lighting store. Feel free to share and pin this post to save for later.  And as always if you have a space you would like me to design for you please Contact Me. I would love to be your Interior Designer and create your dream space!

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FLOS Lighting & The ARCO Light: My first love of Modern Interiors.

Hey friends, so I recently teamed up with FLOS Lighting to showcase their beautiful lighting collection, But first let me tell you a story about how I first met their signature ARCO Light..........

A long time ago I was once a brand new college Freshman just entering the school of Interior Design. One of my amazing professors had a floor lamp in his office that he called the ARCO Light.  Immediately I was drawn to its sleek and slender style, but yet it was so impressive and grand as it curved over onto the desk, lighting the writing area.  This experience, as simple as it was, was definitely an eye opener to the amazing world of Modern Interiors.  I grew up in a very rural area,  without a lot of exposure to this style of lighting.  So I would have to say that the ARCO Light was definitely the start of my love for the Modern AND Industrial Design Style. On a personal note, when I see pictures of this light it brings back so many college memories, both good and not so good (like pulling all-nighters before Finals!!)

Image Source: Flos Lighting

Taking inspiration from a mere streetlight, the brothers wanted to create a lamp that people did not have to walk around.
— Flos Lighting

The ARCO Light was designed by the Castiglioni Brothers in 1962 and is now considered a classic design piece. To learn more about the ARCO Light click the link above the picture. 

FLOS Lighting

There are also many other kinds of lights available from this remarkable company: Table, Pendant, Floor, Exterior, and Ceiling Lights.  Here are just a few of my favorites with the links below the picture:

Image Source: Flos Lighting



Most of you know how much I LOVE lighting and the power that it has to make or break a room. Check out my Top 10 Easy Lighting Updates HereFLOS Lighting has an amazing array of beautiful light fixtures. Their quality is top notch, and someday I would LOVE to have that ARCO Light in my office just like my college professor did!! Click the banner below to check out more lights from this amazing company.