Designer on Call

1 Week : $197

2 Weeks: $297

1 Month: $417

Are you struggling with Design or Décor decisions in you home? Are you afraid of making a mistake and costing you money? Maybe your feeling overwhelmed and just need a helping hand. Whatever it is I am here to help you!

You have the option to get my full attention for one week, two weeks or one month. I am here for you to bounce ideas- send me the furniture and decor you are considering and I’ll give you my honest option if its right for your space (or send you alternatives) so you don’t make costly mistakes.

Most questions will take about 2 days to complete (1 day finding options and the other confirming them). Usually we can discuss 3-5 detailed design questions in one week. If you have a quick question you can throw them in too. If you have three or more problem areas, then the 2 week option is best for you. If you are building, remodeling, or picking furnishings etc. I would recommend the one month option.

During this time you can text me, video chat, or call me within business hours with your design questions. This is not limited to one room, so ask me about all you design problems during this timeframe.

If applicable I will create a private Pinterest board where we can discuss design options for your space.

**Please note that this service does not include any renderings or mood boards, it is for consulting and sourcing. I will tell you how to set everything up but will not provide any visuals. However if you’d like to add a render to visualize the space we can add that for $197 per room.

**You can purchase this service on the button above, or if you have questions please email me and I can send you an invoice.

How It Works

So how does this all work? After payment has been received you can ask me questions about your problem areas and send me pictures or videos of the space. I’ll review them and may create a private Pinterest Board with other options if necessary. I will reply to you each day within business hour, or if your going shopping and would like to video chat we can schedule a block of time to do that too (must not exceed 1.5 hours per shopping session). When our time is up you may purchase another block of time if necessary. Please know I will work in a timely manner to make good use of our time together.