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Full Service E-Design

This option is perfect for you if you want to start with a clean slate in your new room design and need it all. You get an initial mood board, floor plan, shopping list, set up instructions, & a 3D render so you can visualize your room and get it all put together. And this is all done online!

Room Refresh E-Design

This option is perfect if you don't need the full service E-Design, just help picking out paint, materials, decor and furnishings. You get a mood board with all the paint, textiles, furniture and decor pieces you need to complete your space. You’ll also get a floor plan, shopping list, and set up instructions to put it all together.

Paint Consultation

This is a great option if you are looking to paint or repaint some rooms in your home and aren't sure how to choose paints that work well together. I will send you a couple color palettes that you can use for various rooms in your home to get a unifying look.

Furniture Layout -

Floor Plan

Do you need help laying out your space? If you have a strange layout, a small space or a large open concept and you don't know how to layout the room- this package is exactly what you need! I'll send you 2-3 floor plan options to help you figure out how to best utilize your space.

Virtual Staging for Realtors

I offer two different Virtual Staging options for you:

1- Drop In Rendering: I use your well lit pictures that you provide for me and stage them virtually and give them a designer inspired look that will make your listing stand out.

2- I can recreate your room virtually and provide you with a 3D rendering, this gives your clients the ability to see how the space can look with simple changes and upgrades. I then provide a shopping list with the actual pieces so your client can create that look.

Designer on Call - Ask Me Anything

Do you need some Interior Design Advice? Do you need some suggestions on how to style that shelf or where to place your furniture? How about those pictures you've been wanting to hang on your wall, but aren't quite sure how to space them? This is perfect if you just have some design problems you need some help with and don't need a 'Room Design Package.' Think of me as your Interior Designer on speed dial! I offer 1 week, 2week, and 1 month options

Other Services

In-Home Design Consultations: For those in my local area!

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