Farmhouse Style Bedroom

The Farmhouse Style is really popular right now, thanks in part to  HGTV's hit show "Fixer Upper." I'm married to a 4th Generation farmer, so I think the Farmhouse Style speaks to me and brings back a lot of memories of my Great Grandma's old farmhouse. She had so many antique and vintage items that had stories tied to them. This style speaks to me because it reminds me of my families past, the hard work and dedication to bring us where we are today in the Farming Industry. My husband and I too built our home a few years ago in the corner of the family farm, to continue the farming tradition and teach our children the value of hard work that goes along with it. The Farmhouse Style reminds me of how the women in my family line decorated and designed their homes. As the song goes "Blame it All On My Roots" 

This is an E-Design I created using the Birch Lane Website. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Grafton Side Table - Somersworth Table Lamp - Chase Bed - Bayard Wall Clock

Robins Chandelier - Queen Anne's Lace Trio Vases - Hammersley Bench - Orla Rug