Girls Bedroom Refresh

So I think a girl's bedroom is one of the funnest things to style and decorate! There are so many options when it comes to colors and patterns.  When its time to update a bedroom, here are a few key pieces that I like to use that will make a big statement. In this Girl's Bedroom Refresh I used Pink, Gold, & Floral, along with some Mid Century Modern furniture.

Such a fun room that is definitely girly with a little sophistication mixed in. All source links are listed below the picture.

Girls Bedroom Refresh


Pendant Light




Night Stand

 Wall Art


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Laundry Room Update

I am in love with this vintage black and white porcelain tile. I would really like to install it in my downstairs basement bathroom, if I can convince my husband ;) He thinks its a little busy, but I LOVE it! It brings such a fun vintage feel to any space. Besides bathrooms, I feel that laundry rooms are another fun space to do something fun and exciting, because no one truly likes to do make it a room your excited to use!

Here's some fun updates that you can add to almost any Laundry Room or Bathroom space to spice it up a notch! I also love to mix and match patterns so in this space I've got a mix between florals and stripes. Enjoy!

All the links to my sources are listed below.

Laundry Room Update

Modern Glam Teen Bedroom

So lately I've been browsing furniture pieces for girls bedrooms, because I will be redoing my daughters bedroom (actually she's moving rooms and the new baby who's due end of Summer will be getting my daughters old room.) So as I've been browsing I've found some really fun pieces for a teen girls room, so I created this E-Design for you guys to highlight some of my favorites. These items are all from Target, so the prices are excellent.




Area Rug

Wall Mirror

Table Lamp


Floor Lamp

Side Chair


Clear Vase

When I get closer to narrowing down my options for my daughter's new room I'll definitely share some pics with you :)

Mid Century Modern Living Room

So Joanna Gaines, just released her Spring 2017 Home Collection and I am in love with this rug, like seriously have a HUGE crush.......

Blue Tulum Rug Joanna Gaines

So I decided to design a room using this rug as my design inspiration. Obviously Joanna is known for her farmhouse style, but I wanted to mix some Mid Century Modern furniture with my room design to add a fun modern flair. The blue striped pillow is also from her new Spring Collection. All the direct links to my sources are listed below.

Tulum Blue Area Rug

Coffee Table

Pratt Leather Sofa

Aiden Pillow


Side Table

Sun Mirror

Club Chair

Table Lamp

Yellow Pillow

Console Table

Clear Vase

Ceiling Lamp

Floor Lamp

Now if I could just keep my kids from spilling their cereal bowls every morning, because I would love to have this rug under my Dining Room Table :)

How to Choose the Perfect Paint Color

So who out there struggles with how to choose the perfect paint color? This is a question I get asked a lot!  I'll admit I used to struggle as well....yep had a few walls in my past that I had to repaint. It can be such a pain when you scour through paint samples, think you've found the perfect color, buy the paint, roll on that first pass, and get that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach that this NOT the right color.......arrgh! I've been there, I understand your pain.

So this week I wanted to share with you some of my tips for choosing the perfect paint color. I've also featured some homes from the HGTV show Fixer Upper and the paint colors from the Magnolia Home Paint Collection. The paint colors are absolutely fabulous! Enjoy!

How to Choose the Perfect Paint Color
I would like to paint the way a bird sings
— Claude Monet

How to Choose the Perfect Paint Color

-Try to match a color that's already present in your room such as a pillow, blanket, or home décor item. If you don't want to match a color exactly, try to coordinate your new paint color with the existing colors in your space. Your goal is to have everything blend together.

-When selecting a color pay close attention to any underlying tones that may come out. Look at the full range of the sample stick to see if this is the right color family your looking for. For example: Some reds can have to much orange, or too much pink. A purple can have too much blue or to much pink. Just something to think about when looking at paint samples.

-If there are two colors you can't decide on, go for the lighter one. Generally paint seems to look darker on the wall than on the paint swatch.

-If you want a space to feel bigger use whites, pastels, or neutral colors. If you want a space to feel smaller use darker colors. Generally white or light colors look best on ceilings and painted trim.

-For an accent wall I like to select a darker color that's on the same paint stick as your main color. This will help your colors blend nicely and there wont be any underlying tones that will fight against each other.

-When you've narrowed down your paint colors to a few choices, place the paint chips on different walls in the room you'll be painting to test how it looks in different light, whether artificial or natural light.

-An even better option is to buy a pint of a few of your favorites and paint test squares on your walls, or on a large pieces of thick paper. PLEASE wait until the paint has dried to make your final decision, as paint changes color as it dries.

-When you've done all these steps be patient and wait a few days to test the light during different times of day. If the room is empty feel free to bring in a few décor items and sit next to the wall color. This can really help the color come alive and help you get a good sense of how the room might look when completed.

-If your still not sure which color is best email me: I would love to help :)


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Get the Look: Fixer Upper & Magnolia Home

Since I'm featuring The Magnolia Home Paint Collection this week I decided to show some of my favorite rooms from a recent episode of Fixer Upper.  In these photos you can see how the walls are light and neutral, but Joanna has brought in color through the kitchen island, hood, and the bedroom furniture. A perfect example of how you can bring those accent colors into your space without it feeling heavy and overwhelming.

Photo via Fixer Upper

Photo via Fixer Upper

Photo via Fixer Upper

Photo via Fixer Upper


Top 10: Magnolia Home Paint Colors

This week for my Top Ten I'm featuring the favorite paint colors of one of our favorite designer's Joanna Gaines from the HGTV show "Fixer Upper." There are actually 150 paint colors in the Magnolia Home Collection, but these are Joanna's top 25. I love how these colors feel so classy, simple,  and very authentic. Nothing to crazy or out of control, but real colors that most of us would actually put in our homes. We all know how the Farmhouse Style is key to the Fixer Upper brand, but these colors would like good in any home no matter what the style may be. To view the full color palette click here ---> Magnolia Home Paint

Magnolia Home Paint Colors

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Well, I hope I've given you a few ideas on how to choose your perfect paint color. Maybe helped you feel a little more confident on your color choice so you don't get that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach again ;)

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See you next week.