Tuesday 10: Girls Bedroom Refresh

I think there's a time in every little girl's life when they start to outgrow their Disney Princess room......(tears rolling down mom's cheek)! They still want a "Girly Girl" room, but just something that has an older girl vibe to it. So for this weeks Tuesday 10, I created the Girls Bedroom Refresh. Just 10 items to give that little girl of yours the bedroom of her dreams. 

Product Sources, Links, & Other Info

For my sources this week I used Target & Birchlane. Birchlane actually just launched their brand new kids line. They have some really fun Boys & Girls furniture and accessories that would be perfect for any Bedroom Refresh.

1. Headboard  2. Chevron Pillow  3. Be Happy Pillow  4. Hanging Chandelier 5. Unicorn Wall Mount  6. Unicorn Table Lamp  7. White Nightstand  8. Area Rug  9. Pouf  10.Sitting Chair


So when your little girl needs a "Big" Girl Bedroom Refresh I hope these products from the Tuesday 10 can help inspire you! Don't cry to much, I can already feel my tears coming thinking about my little girl getting older!! Contact Me if you'd like any help on your upcoming projects. I would love to help :)