FLOS Lighting & The ARCO Light: My first love of Modern Interiors.

Hey friends, so I recently teamed up with FLOS Lighting to showcase their beautiful lighting collection, But first let me tell you a story about how I first met their signature ARCO Light..........

A long time ago I was once a brand new college Freshman just entering the school of Interior Design. One of my amazing professors had a floor lamp in his office that he called the ARCO Light.  Immediately I was drawn to its sleek and slender style, but yet it was so impressive and grand as it curved over onto the desk, lighting the writing area.  This experience, as simple as it was, was definitely an eye opener to the amazing world of Modern Interiors.  I grew up in a very rural area,  without a lot of exposure to this style of lighting.  So I would have to say that the ARCO Light was definitely the start of my love for the Modern AND Industrial Design Style. On a personal note, when I see pictures of this light it brings back so many college memories, both good and not so good (like pulling all-nighters before Finals!!)

Image Source: Flos Lighting

Taking inspiration from a mere streetlight, the brothers wanted to create a lamp that people did not have to walk around.
— Flos Lighting

The ARCO Light was designed by the Castiglioni Brothers in 1962 and is now considered a classic design piece. To learn more about the ARCO Light click the link above the picture. 

FLOS Lighting

There are also many other kinds of lights available from this remarkable company: Table, Pendant, Floor, Exterior, and Ceiling Lights.  Here are just a few of my favorites with the links below the picture:

Image Source: Flos Lighting



Most of you know how much I LOVE lighting and the power that it has to make or break a room. Check out my Top 10 Easy Lighting Updates HereFLOS Lighting has an amazing array of beautiful light fixtures. Their quality is top notch, and someday I would LOVE to have that ARCO Light in my office just like my college professor did!! Click the banner below to check out more lights from this amazing company.