10 Ways to Bring the Summer Indoors

So let me ask you all a question.... Who loves the summertime? Relaxing outdoors on your patio or porch, swinging on your bench swing, watching the sunset with your significant other. Sounds perfect right? But realistically most of us can't spend as much time as we would like to outside..... bummer right?! So to help ease your pain a little bit I've created the "10 Ways to Bring Summer Indoors" Last week on the blog we talked about "Updating Your Outdoor Space" and this week we'll focus on the Indoors.

Photo Credit:  Birchlane.com

Photo Credit: Birchlane.com

Indoor Summer Updates

Here's some quick and simple ideas that will add a little Summer glam to your indoor living space:

--Paint & Wallpaper: Paint little pops of color on an accent wall or on the backs of shelving cabinets. Wallpaper is also coming back in a big way with amazing patterns and MUCH easier to remove!

--Bright, Beachy, & Thin Fabrics: Choose pillows and rugs that have bright colors, with a beach feel. Throws & blankets should be thinner. Draperies should be light, thin, and translucent. This will visually bring a breezy feeling into the room.

--Lamps: Here you have 3 options. You can either use something is bright and fun possibly with a fun summery pattern, you can use translucent colored glass in blues and greens, or something that has a beachy wood feel.

--Flowers & Plants: Fresh Flowers in a glass vase or jar are PERFECT for summertime! Succulents are also very popular and don't require a lot of water for maintenance (sounds perfect for my lack of green thumb). Potted plants, trees, and flowers, either real or faux are great for bringing the outdoors inside also.

--Pots: Speaking of plants make sure those pots are fun and bright!

--Décor Accents: For centerpieces or vases use fruits and veggies, either real or faux. I'm a huge fan of lemons and limes. Nothing more summery than those!

--Kitchen Accessories: Make that cooking a little more fun with a bright terracotta pot to hold your cooking utensils. Switch out your dishtowels for something with a summer vibe.  Mix and match your plates with fun summer designs.

--Window Flower Boxes: Even though these are outside you will have a great view from the inside as your cooking your amazing meal.

--Color Palette: As your selecting your fun summer accents try to stick with 3 basic colors to create your summer color palette. You can use various shades of these three basic colors. Check out my Pinterest Board for some inspiration.

--Beach Accents: For accent pieces on shelves, tables, or mantles use pieces that have a coastal/beach/nautical theme. You can also switch out your gallery walls with frames or wall accents that have that coastal feel. You'll feel like your not far from that pier on the coast!

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Get the Look: Summer Table Lamps

I talked a little about table lamps above and how I love the translucent blue colored glass. These are just perfect for bringing the summer indoors. I think that blue color immediately makes me think I'm right next to the ocean..... smell that salty ocean air?  Here's three different price options for you, one for every budget. These are from one of my favorite stores... Target! The affiliate links are below for you to get more info about each light before you make a purchase.

Get the Look - Summer Table Lamps.jpg

Low:  Artisan Glass Table Lamp http://bit.ly/28ZlnMW

Med: Cal Lighting Christi Glass Table Lamp http://bit.ly/28Zo7uD

High: Uttermost Hagano Glass Table Lamp http://bit.ly/28ZagSZ

Top 10: Bring Summer Indoors

This week for my Top 10 Bringing Summer Indoors I incorporated a beach inspired color scheme. I absolutely love the coastal look, with the blues, nautical elements, and weathered wood. Nothing says summer more to me than that! These items will allow you to feel like the beach is right outside the door as the wind billows through the curtains. These are also all items I found from Target...love them. There are affiliate links below with more info on pricing and sizes.

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I hope these tips for bringing summer indoors have left you inspired to add something wonderful to your own spaces. And I truly hope you each get to enjoy as much time outside as possible. If you have any questions please contact me at Jessica@jessicaharrisinteriors.com. Or if you would like to schedule a design consultation, either in home or online check out my services page here. As always feel free to share this post on your social pages to save for future reference. Thanks Everyone!

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