How to Decorate for Winter After Christmas

So you've got the Christmas Decorations put away, your home is feeling clean and refreshed....... but how do you decorate it? It's not quite time to pull out the daisys and sunflowers yet so what do you do?

Well I'm here to help you out with just this problem :)

This week I've got several tips to help you decorate for winter.......after Christmas. I've also got my 'Top 10 Winter Décor' items for the week. Enjoy!

How to Decorate for Winter After Christmas
Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.
— Edith Sitwell

How to Decorate for Winter After Christmas

-Get rid of the red and the ornaments. Use neutral soft colors such as white, cream, tan, blue, yellow, silver.

-Use natural elements like wood and spruce accents. Small alpine trees and wood bowels are awesome. Pinecones work great for bowl or tray fillers.

-Rustic ribbons and lace work great for accents in the space.

-Cozy warm blankets and sweater pillows: These create a feeling of warmth and coziness. Don't forget to add these to the bedroom décor as well!

-Snowman & snowflakes are fun little accents to use. Make sure they are in blue, gray, and white tones. We don't want there to be a Christmas vibe by using the red and green :)

-Candles are so fun to use to set that cozy mood. I recommend battery operated candles that have a timer... they are a huge time saver!

-Speaking of lights, try changing out your table lamps to something that is a little shiny or iridescent. They catch the light and add a little sparkle.

-Lighted metal signs are a great way to add some fun on mantles or open shelves and blend in great with the Winter theme.

-Table décor, mantle décor, and wreaths should all follow the guidelines above to create a fun winter feel and avoid the Christmas vibe.


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Get the Look: Table Lamps

When you think of Winter décor you don't usually think about your table lamps. But lamps are something that can be switched out so easily to add to the décor of your space. When decorating for Winter it is so fun to add a little sparkle and sheen, something that catches the light. This mimics the sparkle that is created on the snow when light shines across the ice crystals. Here's a beautiful picture of some Mother of Pearl lamps from, link posted below in the Top 10 List.

Safavieh Eleanor Mother of Pearl Lamps via

Safavieh Eleanor Mother of Pearl Lamps via

Top 10: Winter Décor Items

To help you create your perfect Winter space I've got some of my favorite décor items. Generally Winter can be long and cold so why not create a warm inviting space that you'll enjoy cozying up in, and maybe help those Winter months not seem so long ;) Affiliate links are posted below, just click for more info on the product.

Winter Decor

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Winters can be long, but hopefully these ideas will inspire you and your home décor. The way time flies we'll be getting out those Summer flowers before we know it :)

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See you next week!