7 Ways to Organize Your Home

Happy New Year!

As much as I love decorating for the holidays, there's something fun and refreshing about getting it all put away and starting out with a clean slate. As I type this I'm sitting here stariring at my empty shelves brainstorming about how I can create a fun new look.

I've also been in the mood to declutter and get organized as well. I bet that on a lot of your New Years Resolution lists as well ;) So this week I've created 7 ways to help your organize your home. There's no better time than now to start your year of right and get organized.... right?!

I've also got a list of my "Top Ten" favorite products to help you get organized as well. Enjoy!

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Being organized isn’t about getting rid of everything you own or trying to become a different person; it’s about living the way you want to live, but better.
— Andrew Mellon

7 Ways To Organize Your Home

1. Ottomans with a storage compartment or a storage bench are a great way to keep your home looking cute and stylish and provides an awesome place to store toys, magazines, or whatever else seems to collect in your rooms.

2. Decorative storage baskets are a fun way to store items and can be tucked away in closets, corners, or storage shelves. they come in so many colors, patterns, and various rectangular sizes.

3. Cupboard organizers such as divided trays are great for keeping your papers separated instead of just stacking them on top of each other on a shelf.  It helps me keep piles separated for each of my kids.

4. Desk spaces sometimes seem to be a catch all for all the mail and school papers. I love using the multi-level letter holders, as well as little pencil organizers with small compartments for erasers, paper clips etc. Magazine file boxes are an easy way to keep papers and magazines accessible, but organized.

5. Drawer dividers are great for keeping your pencils and pads of paper separated, so you can actually find what your looking for.

6. Message centers are a lifesaver for keeping me and my family organized. There are many different areas you places them and ways to use them. Meal planners in the kitchen, calendar with family schedules, a place for keys, mail, important notes. You can place these in your kitchen, office, or by your back door all in easy to reach areas.

7.  The last item I love is bookshelves or bookcase units that have rectangular openings. These are so fun for mixing and matching storage baskets. Just fill up your storage basket and slide it into the shelf. Pretty basket, pretty shelf, and the toys are hidden away....Perfect!

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Get the Look: Storage Bench

The storage bench is an awesome way to get more storage space into your home. It creates a fun little vignette that is both usable and functional. The picture below features one of my favorite benches from Birch Lane; the Edwards 4 Drawer Storage Bench. I absolutely love all the fun décor they have added around the space to really make it look amazing!

Edwards Storage Bench via Birchlane.com

Edwards Storage Bench via Birchlane.com

Top 10: Home Organization Items

Getting organized doesn't have to be boring or ugly! Make it fun with some items that will really change up your space and serve a great purpose as well! Here's a few of my favorite items for this weeks Top 10. Enjoy! Affiliate Links are posted below.

Home Organization

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I hope this week I've given you some fun ideas to get you organized and your year off to a great start. I truly wish you a fantastic year!

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See you next week! :)