The 9 Best Areas to Decorate for the Holidays

As the holidays are fast approaching are you getting a little ansy? You want to decorate your home, get it all festive for the upcoming seasons, but your a little unsure as to what the best way to do that is. You see so many fun holiday decorations, but you get a little overwhelmed on how to put it all together....... you don't want your home to look like a holiday bomb exploded, right!

Funny story.....When my husband and I were first married I don't think he realized how much I decorated for the holidays... especially for Christmas! Our first Christmas season together he came home (I'd put the decorations up during the day) and he told me it looked like Christmas bomb had gone off! We lived in a very small space, so I took that as a compliment :)

So this week I wanted to help give you a little guidance and direction on some of the key areas to decorate and some tips to make it look good!

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I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers
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The 9 Best Areas to Decorate for the Holidays

1. The Front Porch: This is the ideal spot to make huge holiday statement to your guests, both those who drive by those who come in. Mix some cornstalks, pumpkins, and a cute bench with some fall inspired pillows and you are set. And Don't forget the wreath on the front door!

2. The Entry or Foyer Table: This is the next best area to make a fun Fall Décor impression, bonus you get to look at it everyday as well! Add some shiny candlesticks with some fall colored candles, a fun burlap banner, and some cute little pumpkins.

3. Fireplace Mantle & Hearth: This a key area to add a fall feeling to your home. You can either add a few fun pieces to your already existing mantle décor, or start with a clean slate and totally deck it out!

4. Open Shelving: Most of us have an entertainment center or bookcase that is the focal point of our Living Room, and most of them have open shelving. What a fun place to add a little Fall flair to your space. I suggest adding some fun pieces to your existing shelves, and clearing out a few shelves and starting from scratch.

5. Dining Table &/or Breakfast Nook: These spaces don't require a ton, just something simple that makes an impression. I love to use pinecones, leaves, candles all placed in a beautiful tray. A fall table runner will also be a great addition.

6. Pantry Door: Just a simple wreath on this sometimes forgotten door is so important to bringing that Fall feeling into your Kitchen. Its the room most of us spend a lot of our time in so you might as well add some Décor here too!

7. Kitchen Countertop or Island: Most of us have a few empty areas here where adding some Fall Décor would be awesome! So when your sitting there in your Kitchen making pies or sugar cookies, lets bring that season inside.

8. Stairway: Banners and railings are fun spots to add some Fall touches. Personally I have a large window with a wide windowsill in my Entry that I love to create some fun arrangements.

9. Coffee Table: Thisis another area that is often overlooked as a place to add those Fall touches to. You can keep it simple, similar to the Dining Table, just enough to make a statement.

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Get the Look: Fall Wreath

The "Iconic" Wreath on the front door is a key part to any Holiday Décor. I love wreaths so much that I also love to put them on my pantry door, in my stairway, on large windows, or even above my fireplace mantle. Wreaths come in all sizes and range from minimalistic styles to very "stuffed" :) Here's a few of my favorite Fall wreaths they are all from and the affiliate links are posted below.

Fall Wreath

Top 10: Fall Décor Items

The best thing about fall decorations is that you can leave them up through the Halloween and Thanksgiving Holidays. Definitely a great way to save money! These décor items are some of my favorites. They give a little rustic farmhouse flair which I know a lot of people are loving right now! These products are all from and the affiliate links are posted below. Enjoy!

Top 10 Fall Decor Items

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This week I hope I've given you some great ideas on where to decorate for the holidays. There are so many happenings and get togethers' during the holiday season that sometimes it can be hard to really focus on the decorations and setting the mood in your home. I remember how excited I was when my mom would put out the decorations, so I've tried to do the same thing so my kids have those same memories. So good luck on letting that "decoration" bomb explode! :)

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